Protective Styling – My first up-do.

Hello Everyone,

My main go to for protective styling is a wig.  I love the ease and convenience of it.  The downfall to wearing a wig all the time is that I do not know how to style my hair.  I am a beginner.

I would spend hours searching you tube for hair styles that I felt I could do on my hair but always felt my TWA was too short to pull them off.  I realized if I took a hair style and broke it down into sections, I could probably replicate it on my own hair with a few tweaks here and there.  I was going for a hair style that resembled my natural hair pulled up on the top of my hair.  I also wanted a style that did not cost a lot of money because I am experimenting styling my hair.  This style cost a total of $6  (1 Pack of Kinky Bulk Hair).  The hair was installed using the crochet method to the crown of my hair.

I have a TWA and my hair is between 2.5 and 3 inches long.  On Feb. 19th I twisted the back and sides of my hair going up towards my crown.  This is how my braid pattern looks.

My braid pattern

This is how the hair looks when it is not pinned or tucked into a hair style.  Just like a fro.

My hair unstyled

This is the way I styled it.    I have no idea how long this style will last.  I hope it will last at least 2 weeks.  I  will definitely do this again but I might try another type of hair.  I only had the hair in overnight and this morning I woke up to head full of single strand knots.  It really does resemble my 4C hair. LOL.

Oh and if you do try this hair style and have short hair like I do.  Let me warn you…. installing the crochet hair will make your braids feel tighter.  So braid your hair as loose as possible without having your cornrows unravel.

I hope this will give other ladies with a short TWA some inspiration.  With a few tweaks here and there, anything is possible.


My hair styledKINDLE_CAMERA_1391433612000




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