My First Year Natural

It’s been a year, and my, how slow time goes when one is measuring 3/8 inch every month!   I did the big chop on January 31, 2013.

Big Chop 1/31/13

Big Chop 1/31/13

Here are a few things that I learned.

My hair grows very SLOW.  It grew 4.5 inches in 12 months.  My hair texture is 4C – very kinky/coily with a zig zag curl pattern.  This took several months to figure out since my hair growth is slower than other hair types.

I keep my hair in protected styles approximately 80% of the time.

My favorite go-to is a wig. Pictures from blackberry 129

I am not a product junkie; in fact, I try to use products that are inexpensive while I learn about my hair.  I want a better understanding of why I am purchasing a product, especially one that I may consider an investment.


 I started my journey using all Olive Oil products since they were the products I used when my hair was relaxed.   I washed my hair every week using:

Creamy aloe shampoo

Replenishing conditioner

Oil moisturizing hair lotion

Hair Masque (I purchased after my big chop to combat the dryness)

Now, I wash my hair every two weeks with conditioner and stopped using a shampoo six months ago.  I now co wash with VO5 conditioner and go back and forth between a clarifying and moisturizing conditioner.


My hair responds well to the VO5 conditioners.  I am able to detangle and condition with no problem.  I also use Elasta QP Olive oil and Mango Butter anti-breakage, Leave-in Conditioner.  I did purchase Kinky Curly conditioner and my daughter swiped it so I only used it twice.


My favorite is water and is really the only one I use.


My hair responds to heavier products.  I use natural Shea butter and add the following oils to it.

olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil and vitamin E.  (I mix them with a mixer and put the shea butter back into the tub I purchased it in.)


Plain Greek yogurt with honey, olive oil and apple cider vinegar (every other month)


I keep my hair in double strand twists.  It is easy for me to moisturize and seal my hair in this style.

Wash/Condition/Detangle with conditioner.

Use oils such as coconut, olive, castor etc on damp hair to hold in the moisture from the water.

Use shea butter to seal in the oil and style my hair.

At night, I mist my hair with water and rub a little shea butter on it and wrap my head with a silk scarf.

10 months of hair growth

10 months of hair growth


Really my hair looked the same between my 10 and 12 month pictures that I did not need to post it twice.


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