Internal dialog – What to do about those damaged ends.

My hair always felt coarse.  This I thought was normal for my hair type.   No matter how much I deep conditioned, avoided heat and manipulating my hair, my ends were rough and like brillo.

I knew my hair was damaged.  To my dismay, I realized it was 2 inches and was disappointed.   Just that same morning, I wrote in my journal how happy I was that my hair was finally getting longer.  I even attempted a very tiny pony tale with lots of hair pins to hold my sides up.  The key word is ATTEMPTED.  Really it was a disaster because my hair was still too short on the sides but I sure had the vision. LOL

So began my internal dialog…. what is more important, long hair or healthy hair?   Yes ladies, I turned into Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  When your hair grows as slow as mine, watching it grow is like watching water boil, it can be quite frustrating.  The thought of cutting my hair was torture.  So I decided to dust my ends.  The length seemed more important until I felt my hair.  It still felt horrible  and the dusting just seemed like a total waste.

I ended up cutting most of the damaged ends and my hair is now between 2.5 and 3  inches long.  I felt sad for a little while, however, my hair now feels awesome and looks so much healthier.  It is soft all over.  Yes, ladies you can have soft coarse textured hair!  (I hope I am describing it correctly.)

Here is my question….  What would you do?  Would you cut off all the damaged ends?  and How much damaged determines if you should cut your hair, trim your hair or dust your hair?

Thanks for reading and it feels good to be back.


This is how much I cut off.

Damaged hair I cut off on 2/11/14

Damaged hair I cut off on 2/11/14

This is how my hair looks now.

KINDLE_CAMERA_1391435684000  KINDLE_CAMERA_1391435729000

3 thoughts on “Internal dialog – What to do about those damaged ends.

  1. I know what’s working for me! I just went back to grease for sealing : Blue Magic & Dax. Ignore the hair nazis against using grease; We all grew up with our moms using grease & water & a lot of us had long healthy hair. I know ! did & my hair was never dry in winter.Even after a playday in the snow! GREASE WORKS, just use with a very light hand & only on your hair & not the scalp; like a fingertip for each braided or twisted section. Got sick of split ends & breakage in this harsh dry winter air with a snowstorm every 5 minutes !!. Did a 1/4 ” trim in late November. Now I shampoo,condition, apply leave in, twist up DAMP hair with Dax or Blue Magic. Stays soft & moist til next washday. If it gets a little dry I spray with S Curl & water & apply more grease to the ends. Dax mixed with a little shea butter is wonderful for softness. I also wear a wig as winter protective style when I go out & that helps A LOT. I’m retaining length,too. The trim has grown back & then some.

    • Thanks for sharing. I will try the dax or blue magic. My hair definitely likes heavier products in the winter. I heard that S Curl is a great moisturizer. I have not tried it yet but I plan to pick some up on my next trip to the store.

  2. I have recently started my natural hair journey. My last relaxer was 7 months ago. I have not done the big chop but am starting to think that maybe I should. The two textures of hair is now very visible – natural growth versus relaxed ends. I love how thick my natural hair feels however, it can feel like brillow – sometimes dry and brittle. I am using natural oils and butters on my hair but can’t wait to see beautiful soft coils and curls.

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