2 Weeks Complete with my Marly Twists

Hi Everyone,

Here is a quick update on my protective styling challenge.  I have completed 2 weeks and I am hopeful that my twists will last another week.  They are not attractive because my hair sticks out (see pictures below) and when I go out I usually wear them in a top bun with a scarf wrapped around my head to hide my scalp.   Honestly, a few times I did not wear a scarf and guess what the world did not end and, the hair police did not arrest me for falsifying a twisted hair style.Single strand of marly braid

These two weeks have been interesting.  I started my journey wasting countless hours wishing my twists came out better.  I wished my hair was longer, the texture was different, I wished my baby hair would lay down, yada, yada, yada.  It would have been so easy to take the twists out but I refused to take them out simply because of my negative attitude. After all this process is about self acceptance.  I promised myself that if the twists began to fall out, then and only then would I remove them.

I took the advice of NaturallyCurly and moisture my hair every other day.  The days I wear my hair wrapped in a bandana, I moisture at night as well.  I sleep in a satin bonnet and try my best not to pull or tug on the twists so they don’t fall out.  My morning ritual of moisturizing my hair began to change.  I started to look at my hair and embrace the qualities my hair has.

I am thankful that my hair is kinky.  Due to its kinky nature, it is very forgiving and adaptive as I learn how to install twists and style my hair.  If it was silky straight, my twists would have been out long ago.  I tried everything you can think of to lay down my baby hair and frame my face.  It just will not lay down for long (3 minutes at most).  I have oily skin and my face was a shiny mess as gel from my edges would slowly make its way down my face.  I have come to the conclusion that my hair knows what is best for me and that I need to stop forcing it to behave in a way that is unnatural for my texture.

I am looking forward to trying this style again.

Back profile of marly braids Side profile of marly braids