My first attempt at Afro Marley Twists

Time to try something new while I enjoy this awkward stage.   I decided to try a two strand twist style using Afro Marley synthetic hair.   I have not braided my own hair in about 7 years, so I did not want to invest in something expensive since this would be a trial run.   I was not sure if my hair would be long enough to grab but I thought why not give it a try.  It was more difficult than I expected.


The first half hour was spent trying to get a smooth transition from my hair to the extension and figuring out how to get the twists to stay.  My hair is short (almost 2 inches) and the ends are blunt so the braid seem to unravel at the transition point where my hair ends and the extension continues.  I have not learned the technique to make the twists look neat.  Some twists unravel and others don’t.  Some twists are defined and well others are not.  I am not sure how long these twists will stay in.  Let’s see if it can last at least 4 weeks.

Lessons Learned:

Use a hair color that matches my own to help blend the transition between my hair and the extension.

Make smaller sections when braiding to help the braid last longer.

Use more hair.  I purchased and used 3 packs of hair.  I think I would have been more comfortable and not panic as much while I was doing my hair if I had more packs.

I am glad I used a kinky texture hair that matched the texture of my own.  The course texture of the synthetic hair helped to grab my short hair when beginning the braid.  I sure hope it does not pull my hair out in the end.

Prep Time:

The night before I did the install, I deep conditioned my hair and kept it in overnight. The next morning I washed my hair with conditioner and finished with a leave in conditioner.

So here are some pictures of my first attempt.  It looks much better when pulled into a ponytail versus loose.

Afro Marley Twists done on 7/18/13

Afro Marley Twists done on 7/18/13

Afro Marley Twists done on 7/18/13

Afro Marley Twists done on 7/18/13

I hope you can see how the back is not blended well.

Back view of hair pulled up

Back view of hair pulled up

I was inspired by the high buns I see on bloggers pages and basically everywhere I go.

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